Organizm 2

organizm2 novation circuit patches presets pack

Organizm 2 brings another diverse set of organically inspired patches based on expressive sounds & acoustic instruments with a unique character. The varied collection of patches features sounds such as tibetan bowls, blown bottles, whistles, distorted keys, organs & more mallet sounds. The samples include a foley recorded basket & many FM synthesized percussion sounds with raw, layered and processed hits.The pack works perfectly with any style that needs a touch of the organic, and is great for chillout, IDM, techno, chillhop, psychedelic, tribal and ambient.

This diverse collection of 64 finely crafted patches includes more metallic and glassy mallets, whistles and flutes, distorted keys, organs, piercing leads, deep basses and unique mythical sounds. Many of the sounds have a wide range of variation, utilizing the macros to go from clean to noisy, organic to electronic, from short stabs to long trailing pads.

The high quality samples are built around carefully crafted FM synthesized organic percussion, foley recorded hits and more recorded hand drums. Sources included a basket and fireplace hit with a variety of drum sticks and objects. All of the samples have been carefully layered and processed carefully to cut through the mix of any electronic production. 

Within the pack are also 16 sessions / projects to demonstrate a variety of styles and versatile sounds.

The pack uses a consistent set of macro assignments for intuitive play, which mostly follow the suggested macros for the Circuit Tracks.


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