Roli Blocks Pack 2

The LDM ROLI Blocks Pack is made up of four apps from LDM Design for the ROLI Blocks controller.

  • Bjorklund
  • Chance
  • Pentagome
  • Pressulator


Bjorklund is a euclidean sequencer with 6 channels. Each channel can have up to 24 steps for the total length. The number of pulses within those steps are spread out as evenly as possible across the sequence according to the Bjorklund euclidean algorithm. Many traditional drum patterns across the world use what could be described as euclidean patterns.

At the top there is a display of the currently selected sequence, with a bright colour showing the steps that are active. Set the number of total steps, and the number of pulses (active steps) using the appropriate increase and decrease buttons below the sequence. Each track will trigger a note according to the scale set up in Dashboard.

Sliding the finger across the sequence will rotate the sequence to nudge the entire sequence forwards or backwards, maintaining the same pattern throughout the sequence.

Hold any of the steps, and a slider will appear, allowing you to set the velocity level per step. Don’t rotate the sequence and try to set the velocity at the same time.

The currently selected track can be changed by pressing one of the coloured buttons, and the colour of the sequence will change accordingly. To play or stop all sequences, press one of the play / stop buttons one the left or right at the bottom.

The modulator is designed to introduce parameter changes from pressure and slide.


Chance is a 16 step, 6 track sequencer which includes mute and solo controls for live manipulation.

With this app you can also set the velocity level and the probability for each step. This can allow for evolving and semi-generative patterns within the 16 step sequence.

Each of the 6 tracks can be selected using the coloured buttons at the top.

To turn on steps within the sequence, tap any square in the pattern grid. The strength of the strike will set the velocity level for that step, though this can be edited manually (see below).

Each track has a solo and mute button.

Play or stop the sequence with the button in the bottom right.

Velocity & Probability

By holding the finger down on any of the steps, a slider will appear at the top of the display. This allows you to edit the velocity level for that step.

If the Probability button is switched on, instead you will be able to set the probability level for that step to be played. By default each step is set to 100% probability.


Pentagome is inspired by the Polygome monome device. The app allows instant transposition of up to 5 different programmable sequences. Set to a specific scale, a set pattern can be played from up to 20 different notes, and responds to pressure and slide. Each pattern can then be latched on while preserving the pressure and slide values, while you can play a new pattern on the grid. Each pattern can be set with a dynamic pattern length which can include empty steps.

Here are some great videos demonstrating the Pentagome app in action –


Pressulator is inspired by the Korg Kaossilator. Play through a scale by sliding your finger across the block.

As you slide your finger across the X-axis, the notes will play through a scale. First setup the scale in Dashboard.

The Y-axis will send the slide parameter.

Pressure will set the note velocity by default, but can also be set to channel pressure etc. in the Dashboard. The app is designed to be monophonic.

Check out this hypnotizing video created by the talented Perplex On, using the Pressulator app –

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