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7 unique Roli Lightpad M apps for the Novation Circuit

The LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack consists of 7 unique custom-built Roli Lightpad M apps designed to expand the control and possibilities of the Novation Circuit. Play samples chromatically, do some fingerdrumming, or bring full tactile control of Synth Macros using Aftertouch and Slide! The pack also includes a Circuit pack with 64 specially designed patches and samples to demonstrate the power of the apps.


This app provides a quick easy way to play a set of chords for each degree of a major or minor scale  playing the Circuit synths. The pressure and slide are mapped by default to Marcos 1 and 2 for easy parameter changes.


Here we can use the 16 pads for fingerdrumming and utilise the 4 sample tracks on the Circuit as choke groups for the samples. This way we can simultaneously play different samples at the same time, and tap out drum patterns live as you would with any pad controller.


While navigating the limitations of the Novation Circuit*, we can play samples chromatically with semitone accuracy up to 9 semitones above or below the original pitch of the sample. This app provides a quick easy way to play melodies using a single sample.


Like the Sample app*, but for a more realistic sound, this app maps 6 samples (each 3 semitones apart) across the 16 pads. Each sample then is only transposed 1 semitone from the original pitch. Great for using natural acoustic sounds such as a piano!


This app is designed for triggering one-shot samples live using preset FX momentary pads. There are 12 samples pads and 4 fully editable FX pads, which can set levels for Reverb, Delay, Distortion and Repitching.


This amazing unique app brings a guitar surface for playing the synths. Play melodies across the 6 strings, perform ‘pitch bend’ glides along the string, hammer on and pull off, utilise pressure and slide across the strings to affect the Macros. The app even provides chord pads to play specific editable chords across the strings.


Using a 16 pad layout, this app allows you to play the synths on the Circuit with ‘pitch bend’ glides, pressure aftertouch and slide to affect the synth Macros. You can play chromatically or choose the same scales as the default Circuit scales.

*While playing live, the samples are transposed correctly. However, as a limitation of the Circuit, if you record the playback into the sequencer, some of the notes may not be pitched correctly. This means you must repitch them using the knob on the actual Circuit, using the pad on the Lightpad as a reference pitch. It’s not ideal but it doesn’t take long.


You also get a full circuit pack with 64 specifically designed synth patches to allow the apps to function with semitone ‘pitch bend’ and 3 different ways of working with the pressure aftertouch.

Normal style – Velocity sensitive patches using the ADSR, with Macros 1 & 2 for aftertouch and slide, and Macro 8 set to change the semitone for the ‘pitch bend’.

Pressure style – These patches map the pressure to the amplitude, so that the attack, sustain level and release of the sound are entirely controlled by the pressure. Great for organic ambient sounds!

Hybrid style – One oscillator is mapped to pressure, and the other to strike. Slowly pressing the pad will play exactly as the pressure style patch, but with a quick strike to the pad, a totally different sound will play, using the second oscillator. Now you get 2 sounds per synth!

The pack also provides 64 samples, positioned to allow the apps to access their relevant samples by their default positions.

On sale now £18.33

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