g-delay m4l max for live audio effect device

G-Delay is a multi-tap delay that can generate up to 24 taps. Not only can we use it as a normal delay with a fixed repeat duration, we can also create the bouncing ball effect and similar shifting duration modes.

Using the stereo functions we can carve out a path with the array of taps through the stereo field to create a flow of movement through the sound. Great for sculpting dynamic undulating sounds which flow across the soundspace.

The G-Delay unit dynamically generates up to 24 taps inside the patch so that any sound coming in will pass from one tap to the next. Since we are not relying on a continuous loop, we have a lot more control in how each tap will play the repeated sound. The obvious advantage, and the inspiration behind the device, is that we are not limited to a single fixed delay duration, but can alter the time of each delay tap. We can achieve the bouncing ball effect easily and other similar gravity based effects. The device has 5 time modes – Normal, Gravity, Antigravity, Downup and Updown.

The feedback amount and the rate of gravity can be fine-tuned to craft a perfectly decaying sound. We can also add an offset to the right channel to create more width, and since we have more control of the taps, we can set the device to gradually increase the width of the sound as it flows from the first to the final tap. This creates a unique expanding effect on any sound coming in to the delay unit.

Going even further, the spatial modes allow us to set changes in the panning through the array of taps. Using the presets, we can easily have the sound flow from left to right or from centred to pingpong. There are 8 spatial modes to choose from, all of which can be attenuated using the width slider to limit the stereo field. We can also add a random variation to the frequency of each tap to further add interest to the sound.

Finally, we also have a lowpass and highpass filter so that we can limit the frequency range of the output, and a Dry-Wet control.
The G-Delay makes it easy to sculpt dynamic undulating sounds which flow across the soundspace, great for adding interesting and unique sound design to any sound.


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