synth hop novation circuit patches presets pack hiphop

Synth-hop explores the wide source material of hiphop, which spans from the sampled synths of P Funk to lofi keys to more modern digital sounds and abstract textures. From classic funk drumbeats to booming 808 bass. The synth patches range from west coast G Funk synths to UK hiphop to the eclectic sounds of the LA beatscene. The Synth-Hop pack is compatible with both the Circuit Tracks and OG.

Although primarily a genre built around the use of vintage samples of real instruments, funk and jazz, hiphop and the wider hiphop-inspired genres have incorporated many synth sounds and of course sampled classic synths. The west coast sounds of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg drew from the synth sounds of P Funk. Modern expressions of hiphop, such as the LA beatscene which includes Flying Lotus, MNDSGN and Nosaj Thing have fully incorporated synths into their sound, inspired by electronica as much as classic hiphop.

This pack was inspired by such artists, as well as UK hiphop, triphop and leftfield electronic producers as varied as DJ Shadow, Wagon Christ, Dabrye & Boards of Canada.

64 patches range from funk synth basses, lofi dusty keys, woozy synths, glitchy leads and tinkling percussion. The Macros mostly follow the suggested functions of the Circuit Tracks to facilitate an intuitive workflow. 

The 64 samples are nearly all drum sounds, featuring many minimally processed funk hits, as well as synthesized hits made with Serum and also given some lofi processing. All of the synthesized hits are pitched to G, including the obligatory 808 bass. The drums can always be processed even more on the actual Circuit using the repitching, distortion and filtering, which is demonstrated in the included Projects/Sessions.

Included are 16 demo Projects/Sessions which include reconstructions and mashups of tracks which provided inspiration for the patch creation, as well as some original ideas.


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