cosmogonik novation circuit synth preset pack patches

The Cosmogonik pack for Novation Circuit is primarily built around deep Dub Techno sounds, the pack includes many patches suitable for techno, ambient, psychedelic and dark dubby styles. The new updated pack provides functionality for Circuit Tracks and now has 64 patches and 64 samples, featuring extra hits and foley sounds.

The Cosmogonik pack is based around the sounds of Dub Techno & Ambient but also influenced by deeper Dubstep and Halfstep DnB, and many of the sounds will work with other minimal and deep genres of electronic music.

Many of the chord sounds are designed to be used with a generous amount of delay and reverb, as can be heard in the included sessions.

The new updated pack contains 64 patches, 64 samples and 16 sessions for both the OG and Circuit Tracks. The newer added 32 patches build on the tone of the others in the pack. The added samples include more synthesized drum hits, recorded percussion and SFX.

The macros have been updated to mostly follow the labelling for the Circuit Tracks, with some variation in places.


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