Round Robify

round robify pack m4l max for live midi effect device

Create realistic round robin sample playback.

These devices will allow randomized sample playback without repeating the same sample twice or repeating the same bunch of samples. Depending on the number of total samples they will either make sure the next note is none of the previous 5 notes or previous (number of notes – 2) notes. They can also allow sequential or palindrome playback.

RRobify simply works with midi notes. You could populate a drum rack with alternate samples to be triggered. Set the number of samples and the base note, and the device will automatically send out randomized midi within the set range triggered by the base note.

RRsampler works on the sample chain of Sampler. Fill the zone of Sampler with your samples and set the number of samples on the device. If you select your samples and distribute across the range as in the picture below, select Spread on the device. This way you can still change the pitch of sample playback, and you could also place the sampler into a Drum Rack to be played with other samples.

RRchains works on the chain selector of an Instrument Rack. Used in the same way as RRsampler but this time you can have a number of instruments or synths loaded into an Instrument Rack. Now each midi note coming in will trigger a different chain of your Rack.

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