Chance Pack 2

Following on from the successful Chance TEN pack, we bring you another set of modular tools to load up some controlled chaos into your set. Here you can find devices to create random note sequences, randomize note lengths, humanize, sequence probability values and randomize chords. This time you can also shuffle the contents of MIDI clips, changing the pitch, velocity and duration. You can even go completely offgrid with the random note generator Windchime.This time the bonus device is an arpeggiator with some interesting functionality not included in the default Live Midi effect.


Functioning exactly as the Play device from the first pack, but instead of processing each individual note, this will set the probability of any chord getting through.


This device lets you set the probability of adding a 7th, 9th or 11th note to a triad. You can also set the probability of raising the notes to a 1st or 2nd inversion.

The device will calculate whether or not a chord is major or minor, and select the most likely fitting notes for that chord.


This device directly manipulates the contents of MIDI clips in the Live Set.

If note shuffle is on, then the pitch values of the notes in the clip will be shuffled between the existing notes. You can also randomize the velocity and length of the notes, relative to the original clip.

PLEASE NOTE: This particular device is not compatible with MPE Data, a warning will pop up if MPE Data is present within the clip


The DrunkNote device will output random notes within a set range and scale.

Any incoming notes will only direct the placement, length and velocity of the notes, the pitch will be replaced by the device.

The maximum distance between each successive note is set with the Steps knob, and so the note sequence will progress within these limits.


The Humanize device simply takes the incoming notes and delays them for a random amount.

The device will delay the start and end of the each note randomly.


This device will override the length of any notes coming through and generate random note lengths within the values set on the device.


Modeled after the Chance Repeat device in the first Chance pack, this one instead of repeating the original note, will play back a random (or fixed) note in response to any note coming in.


This device will act as a step sequencer for probability values to allow notes to get through the device.


This device allows you to go completely offgrid and generate random notes as if the wind is blowing on windchimes. The knob will allow you to change the ‘windspeed’, to speed up the generation of notes. Up to 8 notes can be generated.


This device is an arpeggiator, which although not exactly probability based, does include a random mode. Hold mode allows you to let go of the notes and it will keep playing, then when another chord is detected, it can either replace the held notes with the new chord or add new notes to the held notes.


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