ModTrigger is a modulation device which connects to the Live API to control parameters using an envelope, which can also modulated by 2 LFOs. The device was originally designed to create a riser which can be triggered in a live setting, but can also be used in other ways. The device can now modulate 3 separate parameters, each with its own modulation range which can also be inverted.

The device features Massive-style modulation rings. Features include loop mode, MIDI note trigger, frequency modulated LFO modulation, envelope curve, quantize, and LFO through mode.

Documentation is included with the device.

For example, I can dial in a rising envelope of 8 bars length and modulate the output with a rhythmic LFO to add some dynamism to it. Then I can map another parameter to decrease with the envelope.

This is a flexible device which can achieve a number of multi-mapped modulation effects all set by a single trigger.




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