Organizm M:S

organizm model samples elektron sample pack

Natural sounds. Sentient Oscillators. Elemental Textures. Organizm is an organically grown pack inspired by acoustic instruments and living evolving forms.The pack includes over 500 samples created from recorded frame drum percussion, electronic drums, and numerous synthesized sounds, including paired major and minor chords. The samples include a custom recorded traditional Jordanian frame drum, with raw, layered and processed hits. The pack works perfectly with any style that needs a touch of the organic, and is great for chillout, IDM, techno, balearic, psychedelic, and ambient.

The successful Organizm circuit pack has been carefully ported over and expanded for the Elektron Model:Samples. 

Over 500 high quality samples are built around a carefully recorded selection of hits from a traditional Jordanian frame drum. The selection includes a complete set of raw hits, using a variety of objects, such as palms, sticks, mallets and more. A number of the samples have also been layered and processed, to cut through the mix of any electronic production. Also included are synthesized and FM drum samples which also have a natural feel, and some atmospheric FX. 

Every synth patch from the Organizm circuit pack has been carefully recorded as single notes, and each polyphonic sound has a pair of major and minor chord samples to allow for complete freedom using the sampler in creating harmony and melody. The pack includes 12 custom kits ready to be loaded onto the M:S tracks.

Over 500 samples

12 custom kits

169 synth sounds

112 raw and layered percussion hits

Major & minor chord pairs

16 custom single cycle waveforms


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