Based on the fantastic MLR monome patch, this patch gives you live looping power.

6 loop channels, mapped to rows on the launchpad, with independent controls for gain, filter and fx send. The fx is a sync delay. Record channel, which can be copied to any other channel, and can also be saved.

  • There have been a lot of changes since the video was made, please find the documentation below. – will be updated soon for v1.3 –


v1.3 – Snapshots to save all settings and buffer contents with the Live set. 3 modes now. Slice mode plays just one section, whichever pad you press. Slice FX – hold down a pad for something similar to Live’s arpeggio midi effect.

v1.2 – Loop/One play options. Transpose. Record multiple tracks at once. Save from any track’s buffer. Variable file type. Autoplay recorded track. Menu button and top row preferences. Recording source in LP menu.¬†Meter to avoid clipping, and just in case, a limiter at the end of the chain.

v1.1 – Now 6 loop channels and only one record channel, which can then be copied to any of the other channels by holding the yellow ‘down’ button and pressing a pad in the top row.

The green ‘up’ button now opens a menu where you can change the quantization time, the delay time and the recording length and source directly from the LP.

Free download –

Free Download

Any feedback or update requests, send to

* The bandpass filter I used was created by Max for Cats, who have some great patches –


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