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This patch is heavily based on the Stepper from the brilliant 7up monome patch. I have built this patch from the ground up so it is entirely native to the Launchpad. It has a swing option, sequence length and a more flexible velocity section.

The S7epper controls 7 midi notes and includes a sequencer page, which allows for 8 pages for variations. The top buttons, left-to-right, control Sequence page/Swing/Velocity page/Play-Stop. The buttons on the right select which page is viewed. Like the 7up stepper, you can also copy one page to another by holding one button and pressing another.

v1.1 – bug fixed for the Swing function coming on the wrong beat sometimes.

v1.5 – fixed red lines staying on the pads, looks cleaner now.

v1.6 – fixed bug with copy/paste system. Rearranged layout on LP, added LED feedback to show what page is being played, put sequence length controls in the velocity page. Added scroll feature. Patch GUI updated. Note length added for using synths rather than drums.*

PS- If you edit the pattern while in Scroll mode, bad things can happen. Don’t do it

Currently working on making the copy function also copy the velocity values. Check back for more updates.



* The new layout has moved the sequence page selectors from the side buttons to the top row of pads. Now you can see which page you are viewing in yellow, and also which page is currently being played in green. There is now a SCROLL button on the GUI so that the LP will always show you the page being played.



* The top row of the velocity page (accessed with the ‘left’ button at the top) is now used to change the length of the page. On the GUI you can select so that the change of length is global for all pages, or if you are feeling experimental you can set each page individually.



*Through experimenting I found that using drums it was best to have each separate drum sound play out until it is next triggered, but this caused issues with playing synths. Now when a scale is selected in the GUI I am assuming that you are triggering synth notes and this now opens a Note Length selection, which I found works a lot better.

Any feedback or update requests, send to haelu@ldmdesign.org


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