Drumfoldr was designed to overcome the limitation of the Ableton Sampler to have only 128 samples within the chain selector, and to enable automatic updating of the contents of a folder.

Put the device into a cell of a Drumrack, select your drum folder, and now you can select any hit from within that folder*.

Finding the ‘right kick’ can now be done much more easily, without any need to pre-fill a Sampler with specific files. Change the contents of your folder any time and the device will reflect those changes and still save the right sample into your Live Set.

Included within the device are the basic functions you would find within Simpler – ADSR, Transpose, Detune, Filter – LP, HP, BP, BS, Panning and Gain.

Of course, MIDI is limited to 128, so if you map the dial to a controller you wont be able to choose through every single sample, but you can also use the Up & Down controls and the menu for more detailed control.

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*limited to 5000 files within the folder

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