Chance 10 Pack

chance probability m4l max for live midi effect pack


The Chance Ten Pack begins with Chance Play. Play whatever notes you like, or put them into Live’s piano roll, but only a certain percentage of those notes will play through.


This device lets you set the probability of any note being transposed by the amount you set. If you want more control, there is also a trigger which will transpose all notes when held down.


When this device is triggered, any incoming note will be repeated. The delayed note distance from the initial note can be set in ms or sync times. Set the probability of any note triggering the device.


This device allows you to set alternative notes to be assigned to particular MIDI notes. For each alternative, you can set the probability level of that note being played.

8 different specific incoming notes can be given individual alternate probabilities each.


This device will trigger a glitchy stutter/beat repeat effect of your notes. There are probability controls for the speed of the drill and the duration. You can also set the probability of 3 velocity modes – level, rising and falling velocity. Again, you can trigger the device by probability, or by using the trigger button.


The Chance Note device will allow you to set the probability of specific notes being triggered by incoming MIDI. The device doesn’t care what the incoming note is. Any notes will trigger a random note based on the probability values you set.


This device allows you to randomize any parameter in Live within a certain range of randomization.

The randomization will occur every time a MIDI note passes through the device.


This device will allow any MIDI note to trigger a simple envelope to change the value of any parameter.


This device automatically connects to the panning for the Track in Live which holds the device. The panning is then modified either by LFO or by incoming MIDI. Using the dials, you can set a relative centre for the panning movement, the range of panning, smoothing and randomization.

Note mode can be useful for getting some movement into percussive sounds. If the sounds are more sustained, then smoothing will be necessary to avoid any clicks from sudden panning changes.


This is a polyphonic MIDI delay device. Delay time can be set in ms or sync times.  Again you can set the probability of any given note triggering the device, or use the trigger for direct control.

Bonus Device – Velocity_Seq

Chance Ten concludes with a bonus device (it didn’t fit in with the probability theme but was too cool not to include) This device allows you to set a sequence of velocity values. Any incoming notes will take on the velocity level of the current step in the sequence. You can set between 2 and 16 steps. The range slider sets a minimum and maximum velocity level for the sliders above.

The right dial adds randomization to each velocity step in the sequence in relation to the values you have set.

*There are now 3 Chance packs. Be sure to check out Chance Pack 2 and Chance Pack 3


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