FREE Max For Live panning devices PANdora and ResPANsiv will get your drums and percussion jumping and bouncing across the stereo image in a new way!

Panning devices are normally time-based. Eg. You set AutoPan to a hertz rate or sync it with the track tempo. Things move evenly back and forth across the the stereo image. PANdora and ResPANsiv are different.

They listen for MIDI notes and only switch panning when they receive one. Less predictable, more powerful rhythmically. You can control the width of the pan and offset the centre point. The two devices are similar but different.

PANdora sits in front of an instrument (usually percussion, but try it in front of a bass, arpeggiated instrument or whatever), it controls the panning of two device chains to get the overall panning effect.

ResPANsive completely takes over control of the panning on any given track. It also has an LFO built in if you want to use it more like AutoPan. The Glide control in ResPANsiv helps smooth the left-right movement of sounds with a longer tail.

Play with the controls of both devices, try them out. To install the devices, download the pandora.als file and open in Live. Click on the little floppy disk icons in the header of each and Live will save them to your User Library.